Twin Chimney

Developing Sustainable Renewable Resources for Greenville County

Turning liabilities into Assets, Since 1991

Twin Chimney Power Producers is developing and constructing a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility at the Twin Chimneys Landfill. This project is designed to have a major positive environmental and community impact from the collection and utilization of the gas being generated from the landfill. Click here to read more about this project.

We developed and have operated a successful renewable power project at Greenville County’s Enoree Landfill since 2008. This project actually won the EPA’s 2008 Power Project of the Year Award! For information please click here.

The Benefit

The primary constituent in landfill gas is Methane (just like in Natural Gas) and our facility will process that landfill gas into pipeline quality, RNG. Through the collection and processing of the landfill gas, these projects help mitigate odor, which is an issue common to landfills. 

The facility will convert collected landfill gas daily to pipeline quality renewable gas that can be used in homes, industry, and transportation.

That is enough gas to heat an average 5,916* homes and reduce landfill gas emission an average 8,337 tons* of methane annually.

*EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Annually This Project Would Be Equal To

The carbon sequestered by 230,598 acres of U.S. forests in 1 year

CO2 emissions from 439,746 barrels of oil consumed

CO2 emissions from 21,277,219 gallons of gasoline consumed

These are minimum projections based on 2,000 standard cubic feet per minute

Types Of Projects

As trash decomposes it generates gas. Landfill Gas consists of Methane, CO2, Oxygen, and other trace gases. Methane is the primary constituent and can be utilized just like Natural Gas!

There are four primary types of projects:

  • Direct Use: Gas is piped directly to a customer – typically for a boiler, incinerator, or other Natural Gas Application. Requires Minimal Treatment. Also known as Medium-Btu.
  • Power: Gas is utilized in an internal combustion engine or turbine to create electricity, which is then sold back to the local utility, grid, or a customer connected to the power grid.
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): Gas is extensively treated and injected back into the Natural Gas Pipeline Utility. Also known as High-Btu.
  • Vehicle Fuel: Gas is compressed or liquified to use in-vehicle applications

All of these projects meet Renewable Standards, generate qualified credits, and with environmental sustainability

Economic Impact

Development and various milestones for this project have been underway for nearly 5 years now! Construction has begun and commercial operation should be achieved before the end of 2022  Up to 100 workers per day will be employed during construction and support 150 new jobs in the area during construction. Normal operations will employ 4 highly skilled operators and support 6 new permanent jobs in the area.

The Development Team

The project will be performed by business units all residing under the Landfill Group LLC, a biogas-focused renewable energy company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was founded in 1991 has since been involved in more than 60 LFGTE projects.

Core Beliefs

  • Values: family, trust, respect, responsibility, stewardship, and a commitment to excellence
  • Vision: To be a company surrounded by people who embody our values and achieve our goals, is equitable, promotes purpose, and encourages our employees to create a meaningful quality of life
  • Mission: Leave it better than you found it

Family Owned, Locally Operated

The Landfill Group has been family owned and operated since 1991 in North Carolina. If you have any questions, just reach out.


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