Twin Chimneys Landfill Receiving Renewable Natural Gas Project

Enerdyne Power Systems To Help Reduce Methane and CO2 Emissions From Twin Chimneys Landfill With Renewable Natural Gas Project​

Honea Path To Get First Renewable Natural Gas Project In South Carolina

Enerdyne Power Systems, a Landfill Group Company based out of Charlotte, NC, is actively developing a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project at the Twin Chimneys Landfill in Honea Path, SC. While they have developed other renewable energy projects in South Carolina before, this will be the first in the state producing natural gas and it will join over 100 RNG projects in the country.

Landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition process of waste disposed at the landfill. The Twin Chimneys RNG project will extract methane and other gases from the landfill and upgrade the gas to meet pipeline, federal and local natural gas quality standards. This RNG project is planning to interconnect with a natural gas pipeline operated by the Greenwood Commission of Public Works (“GCPW”). According to the EPA, the environmental benefits associated with this project are equivalent to reducing the CO2 emissions of 28,053,633 gallons of gasoline each year.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this project”, said William Brinker, Managing Director of Landfill Group. “We would like to thank the leadership teams at Greenville County and GCPW for their collaborative efforts on this project which we know will have a tremendous positive impact on the health and wellness of the entire community by helping to clean up the environment” Brinker added.

This project will be Enerdyne’s second Renewable Energy project with Greenville County. Enerdyne Power Systems has been successfully operating a renewable energy project at the Enoree Landfill (located in Greenville, SC) since 2008 and that project utilizes landfill gas to fuel a generator, creating renewable electricity, which is then transmitted to the electric utility. This innovative project won the EPA’s 2008 Power Project of the Year award and continues to provide clean, renewable energy to South Carolina residents. According to the EPA, the environmental benefits associated with the Enoree project have been equivalent to reducing the CO2 emissions of 18,167,885 gallons of gasoline a year – multiply that by the last 12 years and this is a significant contribution to improving the environment in the local community.

About Enerdyne Power Systems and the Landfill Group

Enerdyne is a family-owned company founded in 1991 and is solely focused on the development of projects which convert biogas to renewable energy. With a mission statement of “Leave it better than you found it” they are dedicated to helping communities across the country use renewable energy assets to improve the wellbeing of the community. Having been instrumental in the development of over 50 biogas to energy projects, Enerdyne and its family of companies have been an industry leader since the beginning and have a long track record of successful landfill gas projects.

The Landfill Group consists of not only Enerdyne but also its affiliates Advance One Development & Advanced Biogas Systems (“ABS”). Advanced One specializes in the construction of landfill gas collection infrastructure while ABS manufactures specialty gas treatment equipment. By combining operations, construction, and manufacturing, the Landfill Group is able to provide a fully integrated approach to producing renewable energy from a biogas source.

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