Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or biomethane, is a great solution for meeting corporate sustainability goals. RNG is a naturally occurring gas released by decomposing organic matter. The main component of RNG is methane which, when left uncaptured and released into the environment, has global warming potential of more than 20 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2). However, capturing RNG generated by anaerobic digestion or other means and using it as an alternative transportation fuel dramatically reduces these harmful emissions.

RNG can be captured from a number of sources including decomposing material including waste water, agricultural waste, food waste and landfills.

Source: The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

RNG Share of CNG/LNG Market

Source: Trillium CNG

Recent Growth in RNG

By purchasing RNG in an effort to replace fossil fuels for transportation and thermal loads, organizations are eliminating their actual emissions at the source to become carbon neutral. RNG can be used to fuel anything that runs on natural gas as well as an offset for other energy sources. The desire for companies to be more environmentally friendly has lead to a continuous growth in RNG usage over the last decade.

RNG vs Traditional Fuels

RNG is a viable energy source produced right here in the United States, which creates jobs, lowers Greenhouse Gas emissions at both the source and tailpipe and drives our economy forward. RNG is the most environmentally beneficial renewable fuel source. In terms of Carbon Emissions, RNG has all other alternative fuel sources beat, including electric vehicles. Capturing would-be fugitive methane for fuel at a landfill further reduces GHGs escaping into the atmosphere. Utilizing these resources for RNG has countless benefits to both the environment and economy, including:

Source: Trillium CNG

60 Billion

Gallons of Untapped Waste Resources

7 Billion

Gallons of Diesel Fuel

4 Million

Automobiles from the Road

Source: The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Our Role

The Landfill Group is a biogas-focused renewable energy company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was founded in 1991 and has since been involved in more than 50 Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) projects. The Company’s leadership position in the industry has resulted from our ability to provide a comprehensive set of in-house services including development, construction, manufacturing, operation and ownership of LFGTE projects. This allows us to offer a tailored solution for our customers and maximize environmental and monetary returns for these projects.

RNG in Action

As RNG can be used to fuel anything that runs on natural gas, check out the impact of a single project we develop and operate in Kansas. Our Lawrence Kansas facility produces 500,00 MMBTU’s of renewable natural gas annually for the transportation industry.

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The annual environmental impact of this project is equivalent to:

34,000,000 gallons of gasoline displaced per year.

Or 65.2 wind turbines running for a year.

Or 7MW of renewable electricity.

Or 333,072 tons less CO2 emissions

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