Renewable Power Producers, LLC

A Landfill-Gas-To-Energy Project

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Landfill Owner: Hamm, Inc.

Online Date: July 2017

Description: High-btu plant upgrading landfill gas to pipeline quality renewable natural gas.

Scope of Work:

  • All planning, permitting, engineering, contracts and installation were completed by EPS
  • Advance One Development (A1) built the complete gas collection system with over 150 gas collection points
  • Advanced Biogas Systems (ABS) fabricated all of the gas collection equipment and interconnecting piping with the exception of the CO2 removal system and compressors
  • Installed a 7.2 mile pipeline to interconnect with Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
  • Implemented an onsite and remote dial-up SCADA monitoring system
  • Utilized Xebec Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) for CO2 removal
  • Completed construction within 10 months after financial close

Noteworthy: Renewable Power Producers is selling its renewable natural gas for use in the vehicle fuel market. The project is expected to produce approximately 4.5 million gallons of renewable vehicle fuel annually

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