Oak Grove Power Producers, LLC

High BTU Pipeline project

Location: Oak Grove Landfill Arcadia, KS

Landfill Owner: WCA Waste Corporation

Description: High BTU Pipeline

Scope of Work:

  • Over 16,000 linear feet of LFG header and lateral piping
  • Installed 19 new wells; total of 1400’ of vertical drilling
  • Removed and re-installed 18” condensate sump and pneumatic QED AP4+ pump
  • Installed air supply and leachate forceman infrastructure
  • Installed 1200 linear feet pf 6” horizonal gas well collection piping; 4 individual collectors total
  • Installed 4 6” J-trap drains rated at 90 WC

Noteworthy: The first GCCS project in 2010 at the Fort Bend Landfill consisted of over 22,000 linear feet of pipe, 45 vertical wells and 5 cleanout tie-ins and was completed in just 22 days by Advance One Development, LLC.

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