Once Family, Always Family

Congratulations to Kat Masters

A Member of the Landfill Group Family for 14 Years

As an employee at a Landfill Group company, you certainly have had the pleasure of meeting our Controller, Kat Masters.

Since starting back in Dec of 2007, Kat has on-boarded and befriended almost every employee to pass through the doors. “Every employee knows that they can call me at any time and get whatever help they need. I even get calls from people who no longer work here” Kat explained. It is that type of family atmosphere that Kat has helped develop over the last 13 years and something she is most proud of. On Mother’s Day I hear from my own three boys and three girls along with a hand full of current and former employees. Once family, always family!

Back in 2007, Kat worked as a consultant who helped entrepreneurs start businesses with accounting, human resources, administration, legal, and much more. It was around Halloween of that year when she met Bill Brinker through a mutual acquaintance. Bill’s Controller at the time had resigned and he needed someone to jump in, learn fast, and impact change. Kat was the perfect person for the job. Having always worked with entrepreneurs, she had a strong understanding of Bill’s needs and how to get the job done, and she knew that those areas she didn’t know, she would figure out.

Since then, she has seen the company grow from employee number 17 to now 191. Kat has helped over 150 employees become part of the Landfill Group family, building a culture like none other. In addition to this, she and her team handle human resources, servers and technology, property management, administrative tasks, and oh yeah, her primary job as a Controller where she prepares accounting and tax information for over 20 different Landfill Group companies. “I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in lots of different aspects of the company,” Kat said.

Will Brinker put it best when he said, “We will forever be grateful for the dedication and support that Kat has provided us over the years. We would not be where we are without our entire team, and Kat has made that possible. Please join me, over the coming months, in celebrating her success in the growth of our companies and wishing her the best to come.”

Later this year, Kat will be retiring and is looking to spend more time with her husband, Jim. She loves the outdoors from motorcycling to kayaking to hiking, and plans to do more traveling. The first (long-term) goal will be to camp multiple nights in all 48 continental states--first up is West Virginia.

While she may no longer be at the office every day, Kat will always be part of the Landfill Group family. The culture that Kat has helped build will remain strong and her legacy is engrained in the way we do business.

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