Charity Mission

The Landfill Group Charity

At the Landfill Group, our charity’s mission is to provide support to the communities where we live, work, & play. We are driven to do more, with less, and do good in the world, contributing 5% of our distributable free cash flow to our charitable efforts. As our charitable mission supports the communities where we live, work and play, the charities we donate to must align with our Values, Vision, & Mission.

Values: Family, Trust, Stewardship, Responsibility, Respect, & a Commitment to Excellence.

Vision: To be a Company that is surrounded by people who embody our values and achieve our goals; that is equitable; that promotes purpose; and encourages our employees to create meaningful quality of life.

Mission: Leave it better than you found it.

Our organization aims to create exceptional experiences that yield lasting results. Experiences help shape beliefs. Beliefs impact actions (or behaviors). Actions drive results. We believe in helping charities in the following sectors:

  • Youth Activities
  • Environmental Conservation
  • First Responders/Military
  • Abuse/Recovery
  • Medical Need
  • Poverty Assistance
  • Job Skills & Employment

We truly believe we can support the communities where we live work and play! Do you?

Our Board


Reason for serving on the Charity Board:
Growing up my mother was a single parent, sometimes we had more, sometimes we had less but no matter our situation she always helped those in need and we never went without. In our home she had a saying "Always try do what’s right, always try to do what you can, then always try to do a little more." In a professional setting I am often described as "willing to help, happy to help, eager to please, etc., that also carries over into my personal life, it’s just in my nature. Helping others is something I am deeply passionate about and acts of service fulfill me. I have four children and my hope is that I am teaching them as my mother taught me , to always try do what’s right, always try to do what you can, then always try to do a little more.


Reason for serving on the Charity Board:
My reasoning for joining thee charity board comes from an expectation my family has of each other to be good and kind to others we encounter. We did not have much to give in respect to money but we had time and a stable home. I lost count of the number of people that came to live with us that for whatever reason were struggling in life. Watching my parents provide a stable caring home for all these different people from all walks of life taught me that when you can help another human you do. I got so much education (without knowing at the time) seeing how this affected a persons life. Fast forward a few decades and we now have this great opportunity to help in so many ways. So my "why" for trying to help make others lives better is, why not?


Reason for serving on the Charity Board:
Being the oldest brother of three sisters in a constantly changing family, helping and leading has been something I’ve grown to appreciate and love. Whether the times were good or the times were bad, we always had each other. Unfortunately, not everyone in our world has that. Now that I’ve grown older and wiser, I believe it is important for me to provide help and lead the less fortunate, as well as provide a figure for my family and peers to look up to. I hope my membership on this board will help inspire and support all of those in the communities where we live, work and play.


Reason for serving on the Charity Board:
Acts of service is one of my love languages. If you look at any spiritual practice, whatever it may be, all of them have one solid thing in common, if you spend your time loving others and giving of yourself in service to others; you will be a more complete and happier person. I have spent most of my adult life trying to practice this act. My education was focused on helping those with mental health and addiction issues and even though I chose not to pursue a career in that field, my desire to help and to serve has stayed strong and pulls on my heart. I am proud to be a part of a company that wants to provide service to those who are in need and I am honored to be a part of a board that is giving of themselves and desires to improve and support our local communities.


Reason for serving on the Charity Board:
Helping people was part of my up brining. We didn’t have much money to give, but regardless we always contributed something. We frequently served others – volunteer work (Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchens, etc). Helping others personally fulfills my heart. I know this might sound selfish, but I love the feeling I get when know I’m impacting others in a meaningful way. Much of this has been driven by service actions and meaningful conversations. Now we are able to make an impact with monetary contributions which is why the Charity Bucket is part of the Waterfall Program. I hope we can reach more people and inspire hope and goodness in the world.

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