Developing A Cleaner Environment For Anson County, NC

Developing A Cleaner Environment For Anson County, NC

Anson Gas Producers, LLC, part of the Landfill Group, is developing and constructing a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility at the Anson Landfill. This project is designed to have a major positive environmental and community impact from the collection and utilization of the gas being generated from the landfill.

The primary constituent in landfill gas is Methane (just like in Natural Gas) and our facility will process that landfill gas into pipeline quality, RNG. Through the collection and processing of the landfill gas, these projects help mitigate odor, which is an issue common to landfills.

The facility will convert collected landfill gas daily to pipeline quality renewable gas that can be used in homes, industry, and transportation.

That is enough gas to heat an average 13,000* homes and reduce landfill gas emission an average 22 tons* of methane annually.

Read more about the project here.

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