Advance One
Wewoka Gas Producers, LLC

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Wewoka Gas Producers, LLC:
Wewoka Biogas Project
A Small Scale Beneficial Use

Project Location:
Wewoka, OK - Sooner Landfill

LF Owner:
Waste Corporation of OK

LFG pipeline project constructed by Advance One Development, LLC.

  • Construct Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) loop around with 8" and 10" HDPE header lines
  • 14 vertical gas wells, 3 leachate cleanout tie-ins, and 3 condensate sumps
  • Combination blower/fare/condenser skid
  • Construction of 1/4 Mile 10" HDPE LFG pipeline to Commercial Brick Corporation (CBC)
  • 1500' of fiber optic communications cable
  • Retrofit burner group in CBC to allow for LFG
  • Innovative control systems for WGP facility and CBC facility to operate seamlessly together