Wellfield Construction

Wellfield Construction

At Advance One we have the experience and skillset to provide a wide range of landfill gas wellfield installations nationwide. Our team is dedicated to the construction and quality assurance services for both private and municipal solid waste landfills. Let us show you how we BUILD IT LIKE WE OWN IT.

The most dynamic and expensive aspect of a well performing gas collection and control system is the wellfield. On an ever-changing landfill waste mass, the wells and vacuum piping must be constructed in a way to ensure the best chance at longevity. Oversized piping, rerouting of laterals to achieve better grade, and bulletproof condensate traps are a few ways to achieve this. Advance One’s experience working with sister-company Enerdyne Power Systems has proven that field adjustments and value engineering a project are of the utmost importance.At Advance One, we have the experience and skillset to handle a wide range of operations. As we continue to provide the full range of construction and quality assurance services for all elements of municipal and private solid waste landfills.

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Our Wellfield Construction Capabilities

Installation Up To 36" Piping

Team of Certified Pipe Welders

Deep Collection Well Installation

Large Fleet of

Recent Project Highlights



Contract Cost $950k
Completed in 8 weeks

1500 Linear Feet of 30" Pipe Inside Waste
16 New Vertical Gas Wells
Two 48" Diameter Condensate Sumps



Contract Cost $1.1M
Completed in 12 weeks

15-20' Avg. Depth with Geocomposite & Geomembrane
90 Vents with Turbine Ventilators
5700' long methane migration trench



Contract Cost $369k
Completed in 1.5 weeks

1500' Long Methane Migration Trench
15' Depth Backfilled with 6mil Plastic & Stone
50' Vents Every 50 Feet

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