Landfill Gas to Energy Engine Installation

A Complete Solution
For Beneficial Use
Of Landfill Gas

The Landfill Group's unique team approach for Development, Construction, Manufacturing, O&M and Ownership of landfill gas projects across the country, allows us to provide a complete solution to our customers' landfill gas needs.

Landfill Gas to Energy Engine Installation

With each LFG energy project the ultimate goal is to convert the landfill gas you obtain into a useful form of energy. An essential piece of equipment needed for this is a LFG to Energy engine. Once landfill gas has been collected by wells, it’s piped to a processor where moisture and other contaminants are removed. From there, the gas is then used to run a turbine that turns an electric generator. In other terms, the engine will help to make the gas from the landfill into useable and safe energy, putting the gas to work. AdvanceOne has the expertise to design, install, and service your LFG to Energy Engine, as well as provide advice on how to convert your LFG. We can provide you with all services required for delivering the renewed gas, or even simply just installing any systems needed at the location.

What is LFG energy used for

In the United States, there are currently hundreds of ongoing LFG energy projects, involving both public and private organizations, including both small and large landfills. LFG energy can applied in a number of ways. Including electricity power production, where the landfill gas is converted to electricity. Another application being the direct use of the treated LFG such as, heating greenhouses, firing kilns and providing fuel to chemical and automobile manufacturing businesses. By converting the gas into energy, you are helping prevent methane from migrating into the atmosphere, contributing to local smog and global climate change, as well as creating renewable energy.

Why AdvanceOne?

At AdvanceOne we care enough to meet the needs of our customers by taking on a consultative approach. We keep a modest crew, putting in more effort than our competition by making sure our product works well, providing a full product life cycle. We take pride in every landfill gas project and approach each project with an owners perspective which allows you to see greater results. We provide an enjoyable experience and talent you can count on.

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