Blower/Flare Systems Installation

A Complete Solution
For Beneficial Use
Of Landfill Gas

The Landfill Group's unique team approach for Development, Construction, Manufacturing, O&M and Ownership of landfill gas projects across the country, allows us to provide a complete solution to our customers' landfill gas needs.

Blower/Flare Systems Installation

AdvanceOne can aid with the process of landfill gas collection through the installation of blower & flare systems that need to be in place to obtain gas from a landfill.

Blower Systems

To collect the gas from the landfill we can install a blower system which acts much like a vacuum to remove the gas from the landfill, pressurize it and deliver it to the gas collection system.

Flare System

With any landfill gas, parts of the gas do need to get removed and once we remove them, we can then use a flare system for discharging gas through a control valve from the pressured system to the atmosphere. This discharge may be either continuous or intermittent. These systems also provide essential control of your gas.

Trusting Equipment

All of our equipment is produced through our sister company Advanced BioGas Systems. We use the same equipment in our customer’s projects as we do in our own projects. This provides you with trustworthy equipment which has been tested through us first. The ability to have have all skillsets from construction to manufacturing all within a single parent company allows for you to realize shorter project timelines and lower cost of ownership which helps you see a stronger ROI on your project.

Need Service?

If you have a blower or flare that you feel isn’t producing properly, let us know and we can help. From simple advice and guidance to a full rebuild of your system, we can help ensure the you are getting the most fro your landfill to energy solution.

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